Welcome to Polycab Fans Bandhan Program

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to Polycab Fans Bandhan loyalty program, exclusively designed for Shop boys selling Polycab FANS

Polycab Fans Bandhan loyalty program, empowers Shop Boys to earn reward points on every sale made on a range on Polycab FANS. They can redeem points against a number of attractive gifts available.The more they sell the more they earn.

We seek this opportunity to create a positive word of mouth for these products at Retail outlets, influence the Shop boy to promote Polycab range of FANS and in the process, build a strong and healthy relationship with the Shop Boys

Shop boys selling Polycab Fans, at any Polycab direct dealer outlet or MBO can register in the program.

  • Polycab Sales Persons to register Shop boys on the mobile app.
  • On enrollment, a member will be created into the central system and all registered members will get a welcome SMS and a call.

To earn points the members have to send the 10 digit unique code available on the FAN cartons. The code has to be sent by SMS to 9215533255.

  • Single Code SMS - To register a single code SMS to be sent is PFAN<space><unique code>
  • Multiple Code SMS (new) - To register multiple codes SMS to be sent is PFAN<space><unique code 1><,><unique code 2><,><unique code 3><,><unique code 4> Kindly note there should be no space between two codes. Codes should be separated by a comma only.
  • For every registered code member earns points.
  • All members can redeem the earned points for rewards or gifts.

To redeem points the members have to send PFAN<space><REDEEM> by SMS to 9215533255.

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